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You: Taking Your Dog Training Business to the Next Level

You're ready for change. You built a business, grew that business, found success but now you seem to be encountering challenge after challenge. Things aren't changing. For every amazing day, you have several days of intense struggle. You never imagined running a business built on your passion would feel like this. Something needs to change.

You want running your business to feel the way you envisioned. You want to go home at the end of the day and feel fulfilled and energized, you want to feel like you're succeeding. You want to take time off here and there, you want more time to spend with your family or start your family. You need to believe that you can live the life you want through your dog training business.

You can live the life you envision. You can have the business you've dreamed of—and quite possibly, a business beyond your dreams. The start of this journey begins with a simple step: a phone call. Contact us to schedule a consult and start the path of change.


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Areas of Focus

finding your ideal clients

You've felt the frustration of having clients that don't follow instructions, that don't follow through, and don't seem to want any involvement in the process of training their dog. You've wondered time and again how you could find the exact clients you want to work with and get them coming to you.

dog training skills

You're never satisfied with improving your craft as a dog trainer. You have an insatiable thirst for learning and you are looking for a broader education on training dogs. You are looking to expand the types of dogs and behavioral issues you can work with, you just feel you need more skills.

marketing and selling to your ideal clients

You believe that marketing and sales don't come naturally to you. You've tried a lot of different approaches, from social media strategies to business cards and flyers, to networking, to Google and Yelp advertising. They all work...a little. But you want more. You want a marketing strategy that goes to work for you.

advanced dog training skills

There's a world beyond pet dog training and you've dreamt of stepping into it. The world of sports and complex training calls to you and you can't help but run toward it. You're wondering how to begin and where to gain the skills to step into that world fully.

creating programs designed for today

While you love your business and what you do, you don't want to do it 24/7. And you feel like you never get a break. It has been years since your last real vacation, your work to the bone and back, and there's no end in sight. You're ready to take your life back, and you know the right programs are key.

staff training and coaching

Running a facility is a ton of work and everything falls on you: operations, accounting, staff management and development. You need your staff to run smoothly, but finding the time to train them only further exhausts you even though you enjoy the task. You want your staff to be the best they can be and to maximize their potential.


Industry leaders aren’t simply made. They are forged through courage and relentless effort.
— next level k9 coaching


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You're ready to change your life and business. Here's where you start.

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